Sharp 11 is a “voicing” that comes from the world of jazz music. Voicing is a term used to convey how a chord is played so it speaks, releasing its full emotion to connect with the listener. For pioneering musicians like John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Bill Evans, voicing in Sharp 11 opened up new creative possibilities and marked the genius of their music. This idea is what Sharp 11, the company, brings to your agency. By voicing your cause clearly and authentically, you elicit an emotional response from your donor that results in increased affinity and funding for your work.

Voicing Your Cause

How do I know if Sharp 11 can help my cause succeed?

Can you answer this question using ten words or less?

Tell me, what do you do?

If you struggle to relay your cause to others because it is unique, complex or misunderstood, Sharp 11 can raise your voice from vague to visionary. Because if you’re not clear on it, nobody else will be, either.


What do you stand for ?

And what are you trying to change?

In order to find your tribe, your base, the people who believe in your work and give you money to do it, Sharp 11 helps you develop two critical strategies:

1. Audience position through brand culture and messaging.

2. Your most effective approach in donor campaigns.

It’s as simple as this: you are what they think you are.



The Sharp 11 Way to Raise your Voice

Sharp 11 works in three strategic steps to position your efforts and messaging in a way that clearly resonates with your audience:



Sharp 11 works inside your organization to assess your culture and how it affects your ability to meet mission. We work outside your organization to learn your current value among donors and supporters so we can position you to increase awareness and raise more money.



Sharp 11 is all about getting attention and cutting through nonprofit noise. Messaging should be brave, bold, and above all, clear. Our way helps you avoid jargon and confusion so your work can stand out from the crowd. Because it’s not just what you say — it’s how you say it. No elevator speeches necessary.



When you are tackling society’s greatest issues, money to do the job is your biggest concern. Funding makes it all happen. Sharp 11 evaluates your current capacity, resources, and opportunities to create campaigns that increase donor funding. Sharp 11 also identifies activities or communications that waste precious donor time and attention, helping your message make greater impact more often.

The result? Sharp 11 creates your agency’s Chart – an individualized and simple guide to keep your message, and your efforts, clear and focused.

the sharp 11 circle

Sharp 11 keeps its focus clean by concentrating on the work we do best. But it’s a big job to execute your mission, so we keep a tight circle of trusted experts to help further your cause. Look to these agencies for additional help across your organization:



Sharp 11’s strengths include a varied background and level of experience. . . Laura brings a real world and simplified approach to nonprofit objectives. . . She is relatable, understands our issues and how to approach them. . . She knows her stuff!

Nonprofit Executives

Art of the Appeal Workshop Participants


Thank you for a fantastic presentation.  I can’t tell you how many “aha” moments there were.  I’m sharing with the team to implement!

Athary Koning

Special Events & Fund Development


I attended your workshop yesterday and I have to say it was so informative. I learned more in those two hours than an entire semester of grant writing in college. It reignited my excitement for writing grants and I just wanted to say thank you. I will be keeping an eye out for any future workshops you may have! Many thanks,

Alyssa Thompson

Project Assistant