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Sharp & Sweet: Nonprofits First Affiliate Spotlight
1.       What is your business name? Sharp & Sweet. But we are actually two separate agencies. Cheryl Baldwin owns Sweet Boo Design and Laura Morse owns Sharp 11. Together we call ourselves Sharp & Sweet. But you might also say…
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Desperation is not a fundraising strategy
Imagine a creditor is going to take your car away from you unless you come up with $1,000 by tomorrow. You don’t have the means to pay what’s owed. How do you get the money? Do you ask someone for…
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Five questions to ask before you plan another event
A checklist to preserve your organization’s sanity Great causes feel constant pressure to engage in activities to raise money and share the power of their work. On one hand, this pressure motivates us to be visible in the community with…
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Studio Sessions



Sharp 11’s strengths include a varied background and level of experience. . . Laura brings a real world and simplified approach to nonprofit objectives. . . She is relatable, understands our issues and how to approach them. . . She knows her stuff!

Nonprofit Executives

Art of the Appeal Workshop Participants


Thank you for a fantastic presentation.  I can’t tell you how many “aha” moments there were.  I’m sharing with the team to implement!

Athary Koning

Special Events & Fund Development


I attended your workshop yesterday and I have to say it was so informative. I learned more in those two hours than an entire semester of grant writing in college. It reignited my excitement for writing grants and I just wanted to say thank you. I will be keeping an eye out for any future workshops you may have! Many thanks,

Alyssa Thompson

Project Assistant